Riglia is a village in the prefecture of Messinia. It belongs to the municipality of West Mani and is the capital of the municipal district of Riglion.

The municipal district of Riglion consists of three settlements, Kato Riglia, Ano Riglia and Elaiochorio.
The three settlements are built between two streams that start from the mountains above Milea village and end at Pantazi beach. Remarkable post-Byzantine churches can be found in the settlements such as the church of Panagia in Ano Riglia and the churches of the Transfiguration of the Savior (1854) and of Agios Petros and Agios Pavlos in Kato Riglia. In Kato Riglia there is also a remarkable stone-built arched well, a sample of the daily life of the inhabitants in earlier times. Near the village there is also the church of Agia Paraskevi, built on a steep slope.

Your stay at Orfea's Place guarantees an unforgettable holiday

Enjoy the area's crystal clear beaches, unique hiking destinations and day trips to nearby villages


Pantazis beach

A beach with sand and pebbles, beautiful clear waters and an organized beach bar with sunbeds.

Panantazi beach is only 1.4 km from Orfea's Place and is an ideal destination for daily bathing in the sea.

Stoupa beach

Stoupa beach is the second busiest beach of western Mani after Kalogria. It is located right in front of the main road of the settlement of Stoupa. A huge sandy beach, with a wide variety of sunbeds and rental bikes.

In addition to the sea beauties, at Stoupa beach one can enjoy the idyllic sunset, which is amazing from all points of the area.

Kalogria beach

Kalogria beach is the most famous, the busiest and the most organized beach in Western Mani.
A characteristic of Kalogria beach is the clear blue, shallow, icy waters, with the underwater springs of Taygetus water always keeping it clean.

Kalogria beach has umbrellas and sunbeds, a beach volleyball court, bars, taverns, water sports and bicycle and canoe rentals.

Delphinia beach

Delfinia beach is one of the well-known beaches of Western Mani. It is located between Kardamila and Stoupa, in a sheltered bay, with clear and blue-green waters, which are calm due to its natural position. Olives, pines and cypress trees surround Delfinia beach, where the mountain meets the sea, with steep rocks and pebbles.

Foneas beach

Foneas beach is the most loved of the lesser known beaches of Western Mani, as it is well "hidden" at the end of a path, among the trees. It is untouched by tourism, essentially unorganized, has white pebbles and turquoise waters. A characteristic feature of Foneas beach is a large rock that divides it in two and provides natural shade.


Kastanea village

A traditional mountain village that is also the best kept secret of the area, since it remains invisible even when you are close to it. Fortified, with few and narrow access roads.

The village is built at an altitude of 560 meters, below the Mavrovuna peak of Taygetus and is one of the oldest and most picturesque mountain settlements of Messinian Mani.

Limeni Laconia

The beautiful Limeni is a seaside village of Mani and one of the most beautiful and traditional settlements of the region that is worth visiting at least once in your life.

It is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Areopolis and about 27 kilometers from Gythio and the visitor leaves there full of images and beautiful memories. A strip of paradise on earth with stone houses on the water.

Trachila, Messinia

Trachila is a beautiful fishing village of Western Mani. Along the coastal road that connects Trachila with the small picturesque port and the beach of Agios Dimitrios, there are incredible, unspoiled beaches with rocks and crystal clear waters, while moving towards Agios Nikolaos, there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, that of Pantazi, with gray sand, tamarisk trees and wonderful blue-green waters.
Among the most impressive attractions of the area is the Katafygi cave.


A stone settlement that ideally combines the mountain with the sea and is an ideal choice for any season of the year. Kardamili is among the most beautiful and picturesque settlements of Messinia.

With the characteristic imposingness and wild beauty that characterizes Mani in general, it is no coincidence, moreover, the fact that the Ministry of Culture has designated the area as a landscape of special natural beauty.


Milea is a mountain village of the Municipality of Western Mani, at an altitude of 550-600 meters. It consists of the settlements of Fagrianika, Xanthianika, Sekourianika, which make up its central settlement, as well as Kato Chora and Kyvelia (or Garbelia).

In today's village of Milea, the restored tiled roofed traditional houses with their special decoration stand out, as well as the imposing churches dominated by Metamorfosi (13th century), with the only one in the region, 22 meters high, majestic bell tower, made of local marble, in Gothic style.

Saint Nicholas

This fishing village of Mani is located immediately after Kardamyli and Stoupa on the road to Areopolis and is a key point for adventurous types who will want to make their excursions to the surrounding villages as well as Taygetos.

Agios Nikolaos remains faithful to tradition in terms of its aesthetics to this day, with the term "fishing village" describing exactly what you will see when you arrive on its grounds.